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Cybersecurity Remediation

Cybersecurity is not just about identifying threats; it’s about a commitment to proactive defense and rapid response. IARM’s Cybersecurity Remediation Services go beyond the conventional, encompassing a commitment to fortify your digital assets against vulnerabilities, security gaps, and compliance challenges. We operate on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based deliverable model, ensuring that our promises are not just words but measurable actions.

What sets IARM apart is our transparent and proactive approach. We publish our remediation schedule well in advance, allowing you to plan and witness the proactive steps we take to secure your digital landscape. Our unique dashboard showcases the real-time progress of remediation efforts, providing you with unparalleled visibility into the security enhancements we bring to your organization.

Our Services

Remediation Services
  1. Vulnerability Management
    • Our comprehensive Vulnerability Management services goes beyond proactive identification, assessment, and remediation of vulnerabilities in your IT/OT environment. We not only pinpoint vulnerabilities but offer targeted solutions.
    • Our experts prioritize vulnerabilities and remediate all identified gaps.
  2. Patch Management /Patching as a Service
    • Maintaining a proactive defense against emerging threats is critical for any organization.
    • Our comprehensive Patch Management solution ensures that your systems are up to dates with the latest security patches and safeguard against vulnerabilities.
  3. Compliance Remediation
    • IARM Compliance Remediation service designed to bring your systems in line with regulatory requirements and safeguard your organization from legal and reputational risks.
    • Our expert compliance team carefully look at the specific rules your industry has and find any areas where you might need an improvement. Then, we create personalized plans to fix those areas, making sure everything aligns perfectly with what the rules say.
  4. Firewall Management
    • Our seasoned experts meticulously configure and continuously optimize firewall settings to align with the security standards of your organization.
    • Regular, methodical reviews and refinement of rule sets are conducted to ensure perpetual relevance, effectiveness, and alignment with your security policies.
  5. SIEM Enhancement
    • Our service goes beyond mere implementation, actively enhancing your security intelligence.
    • We boost your SIEM’s effectiveness through advanced SIEM configuration, custom integration, and tailored dashboards.
    • Our expert SOC team analyzes operational data, offering solutions for false positive reduction, automation, incident analysis, and improved team productivity.
  6. Incident response and Recovery
    • Provide rapid response services to contain and remediate security incidents, minimizing the impact to the organization.
    • Develop, execute, and test incident response plans to minimize the impact of security incidents.
  7. Hardening Standard Implementation
    • IARM experts conduct a thorough analysis of security landscape, identifying gaps and meticulously optimizing system configurations and network protocols at every layer to meet your organization’s hardening standards.
  8. Endpoint Security Enhancement
    • From ensuring up-to-date antivirus protection to robust data loss prevention measures, we meticulously maintain and optimize endpoint security at every level.
  9. Application Security Remediation
    • Based on Application penetration test and code review report, IARM expert team reproduce the vulnerabilities and collaborates with development teams and implement effective solutions
  10. Phishing Prevention
    • Provide services to remediate the impact of phishing incidents, including Phishing simulation, user education and enhance email security.

Whether you are a small business navigating the challenges of cybersecurity or a large enterprise seeking robust defense mechanisms, IARM’s Cybersecurity Remediation Services stand as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Trust us to not only identify and address security concerns but to actively work towards creating a resilient and secure digital future for your organization.


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