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Embedded Systems Security

IARM’s IOT/Embedded System Security offerings provide in-depth technical assessments and guidance to address the critical aspects of hardware, firmware, communication protocols, application layers, and compliance certifications.

Our Services

Our services help organizations enhance the security posture of their embedded systems, protect against potential threats, and achieve industry-specific security standards.

Embedded Security


  • Hardware Level Review
    • IARM conducts a comprehensive review of the hardware components used in embedded systems to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities.
      • Component Analysis
          •  Evaluating the security features and vulnerabilities of individual hardware components, such as microcontrollers, sensors, communication modules, and memory devices. We assess their resistance to physical attacks, tampering, reverse engineering, and side-channel attacks.
  • Firmware Assessment
    • IARM performs a thorough evaluation of the firmware within the embedded system to identify security weaknesses and potential entry points for attackers.
      • Binary Analysis 
          • Employing reverse engineering techniques to extract and analyze the firmware binaries, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of the firmware’s inner workings. This analysis helps uncover potential security flaws, hidden functionalities, and potential vulnerabilities or backdoors that could be exploited by attackers
      • Secure Boot and Authentication
          • Evaluating the secure boot mechanisms implemented in the embedded system to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the firmware during the boot-up process. We assess the implementation of cryptographic techniques, secure storage of bootloaders and keys, and hardware-based authentication mechanisms to prevent unauthorized firmware modifications and ensure a trusted boot process.

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  • Communication Layer
    • IARM verifies the security of communication protocols used in the embedded system to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data exchanged.
      • Protocol Analysis
          • Assessing the security of communication protocols such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wireless, and Radio Frequency to identify vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors. Reviewing the security of communication protocols implemented in the embedded system, such as TCP/IP, UDP, MQTT, or CoAP. We analyze encryption mechanisms, key exchange protocols, authentication mechanisms, and data integrity controls to ensure secure and reliable communication.
      • Wireless and Radio Frequency Security
          • Assessing the security of wireless communication protocols, such as Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, or RFID, to ensure secure transmission of data.
  • Application Layer
    • IARM evaluates the security of the application layer within the embedded system, including software applications and user interfaces.
      • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
          • Conducting a deep analysis of the firmware code, including manual code review and automated analysis tools, to identify vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows, injection flaws, weak authentication mechanisms, and cryptographic weaknesses. We also analyze the implementation of secure coding practices, input validation, and proper error handling to ensure robustness against common attack vectors.
      • Data Protection
          • Reviewing the methods used to protect sensitive data within the application layer, including encryption, secure storage, and data transmission security. We assess the implementation of data privacy controls and recommend measures to prevent data breaches or unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  • Certification (IEC 62443)
    • IARM assists organizations in achieving industry-standard certifications for their embedded systems, such as IEC 62443 series, Security Level 1 (S1), and Security Level 2 (S2)
      • Gap Analysis
          • Assessing the existing security controls and practices against the requirements specified by IEC 62443 or other relevant standards. We identify gaps and provide recommendations and guidance for certification standards.
      • Compliance Planning
          •  Developing a detailed roadmap and implementation strategy to meet the certification requirements. We help organizations define security controls, establish security policies and procedures, and document the necessary artifacts to demonstrate compliance.
      • Audit Support
          • Assisting with certification audits by providing necessary documentation, evidence of security controls implementation, and support during the audit process. We help organizations prepare for the audit, address auditor inquiries, and ensure a smooth certification process.


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