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Vyuh - CISO Dashboard

CISO’s role is crucial for any organizations. Often CISO’s are dependent to get a system, Application, Patch and configuration details from Internal IT and Application team. There may be many security tools providing lots of details for CISO to go through and take decisions. 

IARM Vyuh – CISO dashboard solution is a customized solutions for CISO’s requirement to manage their IT security from a single console. Whatever tools set customers may have, Vyuh shall integrate and gathers required information and show the relevant data in a single console. IARM has developed this solution and customize as per customer requirements. Entire Vyuh solutions shall be hosted on the customer environment

Vyuh – CISO Dashboard Solution provide a comprehensive report mechanism enables to generate near real-time dashboards and reports which can be drilled down to various levels. The dashboard can be accessed by different levels. Ex. Operation team shall use only to gather operational parameters, CISO shall use for overall security governance.

Our Key Features

  • CISO Dashboard Solution 
    • Single Source of Truth for CISO’s. To track Patches from Systems/Applications, Get Anti-Virus Update Status, Firewall rule changes, Stale account details from AD, Vulnerability Assessment tracking, Risk management, SLA’s, 
  • Can integrate with any product/technologies
  • High productivity, High visibility and comprehensive coverage. 
  • Role-based access control

CISO Dashboard



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