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USA : +1 551 242 2980   |   India : 1800 102 1532 (Toll Free)

Penetration Testing

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IARM is proud to offer advanced Penetration Testing services that set the industry standard. What makes our approach unique is our dedication to manual penetration testing, ensuring that we don’t rely on automated scanners but instead rely on the expertise of our skilled professionals and the credibility of being a CREST-accredited company.

IARM offers options ranging from Black, Grey to White Box level penetration testing services including Internal and External test.

The CREST Advantage

As a CREST-accredited company, IARM adheres to the highest cybersecurity industry standards. CREST certification ensures that our testing methodologies, legal and regulatory requirements, data protection standards, and data security practices meet stringent criteria. This guarantees the utmost security and confidentiality throughout the testing process.

Learn more about IARM’s CREST accreditation.

Our Approach:

1) Manual Test
In today’s ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, automated tools can only go so far. The human element is what truly makes the difference. Our approach involves expert technicians understand customer application and meticulously create a test cases (300 to 600 test cases) which includes business logic testing, Privilege validation of all roles and use approved tools and payloads.

2) Developer-Friendly Reports
IARM is known for its “Developer-Friendly”  Penetration Testing reports. These reports are widely accepted by developers because they fulfill their requirements and provide clear insights. Each report includes a simulation view for every vulnerability, along with practical, easy-to-implement recommendations.

3) Precision and Depth
By focusing on manual testing, we deliver precision and depth in our assessments. Our experts not only identify vulnerabilities but also assess their potential impact, helping you prioritize your security efforts effectively. This approach empowers you to address vulnerabilities with confidence, knowing that you have a clear understanding of the risks.

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Why Choose IARM?

  • Manual Testing Expertise: We firmly believe in the effectiveness of manual testing. Over 80% of our test cases are meticulously conducted by our experts, ensuring depth and precision.
  • Tailored Assessments: We conduct between 600 to 900 checks, tailored to your application’s nature and specific requirements.
  • Proof of Concept: For each vulnerability discovered, we provide a “Proof of Concept” and actionable solutions, giving you the guidance needed to enhance your security.
  • Cost-Free Retest: We offer a cost-free one-time retest to validate the effectiveness of implemented solutions.
  • Focus on Actual Findings: Our reports prioritize actual findings over voluminous false positives, enabling you to prioritize security efforts effectively.

Our Customers:

  • Leading Digital Technology, IT services company has chosen IARM to perform Penetration testing for 700 application and 1500 Network devices. This project was completed on time and setup a process and dashboard to track the status of vulnerabilities
  • Global liquor manufacturer has selected IARM as Pen Test partner. Worked with many startups based out of India and US to test their core applications.
  • This includes Fintech, IOT, Health care, BPO, App Development, AI and ML product development companies

By choosing IARM, a CREST-accredited organization, you gain access to Penetration Testing services that are precise, human-driven, and aligned with the highest industry standards. Elevate your security today with IARM’s commitment to safeguarding your digital assets.

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Protect your business against potential security threats with IARM’s application penetration testing services. Contact us today to schedule your pentesting services.