CPRA Compliance

California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)/ California Customer Privacy Act(CCPA) is more about data privacy management. Data Sharing, Selling Consumer Personal Information, and any disclosure of Personal information to third parties wherein the third-party profiles the customer based on their personal information that they may have gained from service providers.

Steps involved in achieving CPRA Compliance


The steps mentioned above may look simple, but this is based on an assumption that the organization has a baseline of Information and Cyber Security Practice in place. To name a few of the baseline cyber security hygiene that the industry expects are: –

  1. Inventory of authorized and unauthorized devices on organization’s network
  2. Inventory of authorized and unauthorized software on organization’s network
  3. Virus and Malware Protection
  4. Data Leak Prevention and Protection
  5. IT Security Process for the organization based on their control applicability.
  6. Periodic Vulnerability Assessment of their IT environment and remediation process.
  7. Established Breach and Incident Response process
  8. Log monitor and Analysis
  9. Third Party / Vendor security management
  10. Training for stakeholders.


  • IARM team has the experience and knowledge to address all the compliance requirements irrespective of the organization’s volume and complexity.
  • The in-depth understanding of the organization’s business process is key to establish & implement appropriate control to address all the Cyber Security Risk irrespective of the origination operations (On-Premises / Cloud).
  • Backed by a technical specialist team having experience on various flavors of Cloud acts as an added advantage for California Privacy Rights Act and other compliance programs related to security and privacy.
  • Committed service delivery and uncompromised schedule & Quality
  • Cost effective California Privacy Rights Act Advisory and Consulting Services.
  • Guaranteed Services to meet your compliance requirement

Having the CPRA Compliance is a must in today’s world. If you Still Confused about California Privacy Act Compliance? You can also read Does My Organization Need to Comply with CPRA.

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