The Top Approaches to Prepare for CPRA Compliance in 6 Steps

The Baseline Information Security Standard that most organizations adopt is ISO 27001:2013 which may be a prerequisite for most of the organization. But this would not guarantee complying with CPRA Compliance requirements. 

Before you get started, You can read our previously-published summary of Does my organization need to comply with CPRA?  

To comply with CPRA, it is highly recommended that organization undertakes the following programs to achieve CPRA Compliance. This article covers the top approaches for CPRA compliance.

1.GAP Assessment program for Security and Privacy

The results of the GAP Assessment program would guide the organization on the quantum of work involved in implementing or enhancing the current Security and Privacy practice to meet the requirements as per CPRA.

Our California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) service evaluates your organization’s current level of CPRA Compliance and assists you in identifying and prioritizing the important work areas that need to be addressed in order to be compliant.

2.Information Asset Management

Every organization would have to monitor and manage their Information Infrastructure Inventory. This doesn’t stop with the hardware asset alone. Organization should include Asset that has the capacity to Identify, Process, Store, retrieve & archive information both in Digital and non-digital format. The complete Life Cycle of Information Management is the key in this process.

3.Information Security & Privacy Policies & Procedures

Organization should formulate Information Security & Privacy Policies and Procedures covering the operations as well as Strategic management.

Policies and Procedures also form part of control effectiveness and hence this shouldn’t be considered as a mere documentation exercise. Control effectiveness and efficiency must also be periodically verified and validated for operational effectiveness.

4.Systematic Security & Privacy Assessment & Audit Program

One of the very important steps in the compliance program is Systematic Security & Privacy Assessment & Audit Program. Most organizations ignore this and end up paying the price for it as penalties. Continuous vigil on their IT environment be it on-premises or on cloud, it is very important to perform Vulnerability Assessment on their Infrastructure, applications, database, Authentication & authorization account, Source Code review, Privilege accounts review including remote and tele-working review. 

Cloud Security and Privacy review is a challenge, but it is required to be performed periodically. If you happen to be a software development organization, the challenges are even more…. 

Implementing an ISMS in compliance with ISO 27001 and its control framework, which outlines global standards. We provide a variety of information security solutions to help you protect your data and reduce your risk of a data breach. Talk to our experts for ISO 27001 implementation

5.Incident & Breach Response Management

Establish an Incident Identification and Response Management Program. This is a mandatory requirement to comply with the CPRA and other regulations across the world. Implement or identify vendors who could offer 24×7 Security Monitoring services on behalf of your origination. 

It is highly impossible for any organization to establish a 24×7 security monitoring and management station. It is recommended that organizations can establish these services from third parties after performing Due-Diligence. As per CPRA requirements any breach that may have occurred as part of your operations leading to Data leak of consumer data, organization must report to appropriate California’s regulation authority as per the notification timeline process. Failing to comply may result in penalty or any other service denial based on the nature of the breach.


Awareness about Information Security and Privacy to all the stakeholders of the organization is vital.  Irrespective of the regulation, it is important that all employees, consultants, contractors including vendors are aware of the regulation and its implication so that there is no miscommunication in the way the consumer data is processed or interpreted. Everyone contributing to this process has a clear line of roles and responsibilities and that there are no assumptions in executing any process pertaining to consumer data.


Many organizations find compliance with the CPRA to be complicated and unfamiliar. Using the audit experience of qualified privacy and cybersecurity professionals helps reduce your organization’s risk of noncompliance and guarantee that you’re prepared to respond to consumer requests quickly and legally. 

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The information about CPRA is a high-level overview, however if your organization is interested in achieving CPRA compliance, please do not hesitate to contact IARM

The first step to prepare for CPRA Compliance is to identify the risks that your organization may face. In order to minimize these risks, you should take a proactive approach in your compliance efforts. To connect with one of our experts, click the button below and fill out the form.

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