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USA : +1 551 242 2980   |   India : 1800 102 1532 (Toll Free)

Source Code Review

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Source Code review can identify security loopholes earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Source Code Review Service are a mandatory part of compliance requirements in many industries including Health Care, Fintech, Product development companies.

IARM Source Code Analysis involves finding vulnerabilities overlooked during the software development phase. Ranging from Encryption errors, Buffer Overflow, SQL Injections, possible backdoor entries, weak authentication etc., 

IARM has experience and expertise in performing source code review in Manual and Automated methods. We make your code secure. Don’t let a hacker get a free ride on your code


  • IARM use Open Source Code review tool and custom-built code review process that helps to complete Code Review quicker and reliable
  • Manual Source Code review – Mere skim through the code shall not be considered as a review, IARM Source code review service cycle reads the code and concentrates on both the logic and its presentation
  • IARM team are well versed in almost all the languages of the application that may be developed.
  • Our custom review reports are easy to understand and drive process improvements
  • IARM has built a comprehensive Secure SDLC process for continuous review

Our Customers

  • Leading software development company developed end-to-end care orchestration platform which is widely used hospitals across the US.
  • AI-Powered Conversational engagement platform which is used by 100+ customers across the globe including many premium brands.


As a Gold partner of Micro Focus, we are committed to delivering industry-leading solutions for source code review. With a deep understanding of the Micro Focus product suite, our team of experts is dedicated to helping organizations optimize their software development process and improve the quality of their code.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your code review process or ensure compliance with industry standards, we have the expertise and experience to help. 

Protect your business and grow with confidence by working with IARM today! Catch bugs before they happen. Relentless, Non-Stop Security and Code Review