USA : +1 551 242 2980   |   India : 1800 102 1532 (Toll Free)

USA : +1 551 242 2980   |   India : 1800 102 1532 (Toll Free)

24*7 SOC Service

Security Operations Centers (SOC Service) are designed to protect organizations mission-critical data and assets. The SOC’s major responsibilities are Monitor, Detect, Analyze, Correlate & Escalate Internal & External threats. The SOC is the central node of your cybersecurity defense and needs to be operational 24/7. 

IARM has the right balance of People, Process and Technology to identify threats and potential security exploits using leading technologies like multi-vector event correlation techniques, asset modelling, user profiling, and threat intelligence

SOC Service

We have an experienced team of professionals who will deploy your enterprise security operations center (SOC) and set up the processes that comply with your company standards. We can help train your SOC team or provide a service level agreement (SLA) to achieve faster returns on your investment.

IARM empowers your security department with advanced technology to ensure you mitigate risk, detect breaches, reduce threats, collect analytical data, hunt for advanced persistent threats (APT), run investigation processes, and automatize all activities. 

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The SOC management process is very crucial. IARM has developed complete SOC processes like Monitoring procedure, Notification, escalation process, Compliance monitoring procedure, Incident investigation procedure etc., and strictly follow the process in the SOC operation. 

IARM SOC Operation has the capability to continuously update, automate and improve processes to optimize the tool and operation


IARM SOC As a Service is customizable to fit any organization and support needs.

  • Customized for You – Starting with As Little As 4 Support Hours
  • You Also Select the Level of Support – Have Us Respond to Outages or Just Alert on Them
  • Flexible Delivery Model – Managed Services, Co-Source Services, Staff Augmentation
  • One Shop Stop – From Assessment to Design, Implement and Operate SOC Service with complete ownership
  • You Choose the Service Model – Dedicated, Shared, SOC as a Service
  • Product landscape – Capable to handle any leading SIEM products

Our Customers

  • One of the fastest-growing and best private bank in India choose IARM to manage their SOC Operations. IARM has transitioned SOC operation from an incumbent vendor who is one of the top 3 Indian IT service providers. IARM has streamlined the SOC Service and improve the overall security posture of the bank
  • IARM Service Assurance Center (SAC) for SOC Operation, managing more than 10 customers on a shared services model

IARM SOC Infrastructure

  • SOC Office Space
    • 1000Sq ft. Shared Monitoring Space with 45-seater for 24X7 Operation
    • Structured and Secured LAN cabling
    • The scalable area on same floor/ Building
    • Video Walls
    • Biometric Access control
  • Data Center
    • Rackspace to host tools and other customer portals
    • Storage for Logs and IT devices
  • Lab and War Room
    • 12-seater lab for testing and R&D with Servers and Network devices
    • Isolated network
    • Simulation and POC ready setup
    • Isolated war room set up with phone and projector


IARM’s Security Operations Center (SOC Service) protects your data from all types of cyber attacks. To keep you one step ahead of the latest threats, we offer a holistic strategy throughout the security lifecycle—from prevention to detection to response.

The attacker will be in and out before you know it. A lot of organizations claim to have a SOC, but really don’t. A real SOC is something different, with years of experience under its belt and the expertise needed to deal with a barrage of threats (including DDoS, malware, 0-days, APTs, carding, fraud, etc.)

This can be easily achieved with IARM’s SOC operation service. In less than 2 days, your SOC is fully functional using the industry’s most popular open source SIEM solution. Get in touch now to discuss our enterprise SOC solutions.