USA : +1 551 242 2980   |   India : 1800 102 1532 (Toll Free)

USA : +1 551 242 2980   |   India : 1800 102 1532 (Toll Free)

Security Operation Center (SOC) - Case Study

SOC 24X7 Support for a Leading Private Sector Bank

About Customer

The leading private sector bank provides a fully computerized platform for its banking and financial operations to its customers. With 509 branch offices and 12 regional offices across India, the bank is dedicated to delivering the best in customer service.

Scope and Approach

IARM was entrusted with managing the bank’s Cyber Security Operation Centre (C-SOC) from Level 1 to Level 3, 24X7X365. Our approach involved threat monitoring and solutioning using tools like Qradar, Imperva (WAF, DAM), ARCOS, among others. The team was also responsible for submitting compliance reports for internal and RBI audits, integrating SIEM tools with other technologies, and securing banking tools and devices from threat hunters.


The team at IARM successfully transitioned the SOC operation from the incumbent vendor without any issues. The operation was streamlined, alerts were managed efficiently, and the bank was secure from offenses all over the world. IARM’s efforts led to the blacklisting of over 2000 IP addresses, meeting 100% SLA’s, and improving the knowledge base and documentation.


IARM’s expertise in SOC 24X7 support enabled the leading private sector bank to provide a secure and efficient platform for its customers. With a streamlined operation, regular compliance reporting, and threat monitoring, the bank can now focus on delivering the best customer service.

SOC Services

Security Operations Centers (SOC Service) are designed to protect organizations mission-critical data and assets. The SOC’s major responsibilities are Monitor, Detect, Analyze, Correlate & Escalate Internal & External threats. The SOC is the central node of your cybersecurity defense and needs to be operational 24/7. 

Our Customers
  • One of the fastest-growing and best private bank in India choose IARM to manage their SOC Operations. IARM has transitioned SOC operation from an incumbent vendor who is one of the top 3 Indian IT service providers. IARM has streamlined the SOC Service and improve the overall security posture of the bank
  • IARM Service Assurance Center (SAC) for SOC Operation, managing more than 10 customers on a shared services model


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