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Safeguarding Financial Frontiers

A Case Study in 24x7 SOC Support for a Leading Private Sector Bank

In an era defined by escalating cyber threats, safeguarding the integrity of financial institutions is paramount. This case study delves into how IARM fortified the cyber defenses of a leading private sector bank through continuous SOC support.


The challenge lay in managing the Cyber Security Operation Centre (C-SOC) of a prominent private sector bank, tasked with protecting a vast network of 509 branch offices and 12 regional offices across India. The objective was to seamlessly transition SOC operations while maintaining unwavering vigilance against evolving cyber threats.



IARM adopted a comprehensive approach to managing the bank’s C-SOC, providing levels 1 to 3 support 24x7x365. Leveraging state-of-the-art tools such as Qradar, Imperva (WAF, DAM), and ARCOS, our team focused on proactive threat monitoring and solutioning. Additionally, we ensured strict compliance with internal and RBI audits, integrated SIEM tools with other technologies, and fortified banking tools and devices against potential threats.


Through meticulous planning and execution, IARM successfully navigated the transition of SOC operations from the incumbent vendor without disruption. Our streamlined processes enabled efficient management of alerts, ensuring the bank remained resilient against cyber offenses worldwide. Notable achievements include the blacklisting of over 2000 IP addresses, maintaining 100% SLA commitments, and enhancing the knowledge base and documentation for future reference.


The collaboration between IARM and the leading private sector bank underscores the critical importance of proactive cyber security measures in safeguarding financial institutions. By delivering seamless SOC support, we have bolstered the bank’s cyber resilience, fortifying its defenses against emerging threats and ensuring uninterrupted service delivery to customers.

Key highlights

  • Entrusted by a prominent private sector bank with 509 branch offices and 12 regional offices across India to manage their Cyber Security Operation Centre (C-SOC) around the clock.
  • Leveraged advanced tools such as Qradar, Imperva (WAF, DAM), and ARCOS for proactive threat monitoring and solutioning, while ensuring compliance with internal and RBI audits.
  • Successfully transitioned SOC operations from the previous vendor, enhancing efficiency in managing alerts and fortifying the bank’s cyber defenses.
  • Achieved significant outcomes including the blacklisting of over 2000 IP addresses, maintaining 100% SLA adherence, and enhancing knowledge base and documentation.