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USA : +15512422980   |   India : 18001021532(Toll-Free)

Vulnerability Assessment Service

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Vulnerability Assessment service is the key to success for most organizations irrespective of whether it is Internal and External. Identifying the Vulnerability in an environment with a clear understanding of the Business and Technical risk is the key to success to uphold and review the appropriate security controls.

IARM “Risk Based Vulnerability Assessment” assesses the current IT security of infrastructure of the customer and gives an analytic based report which helps customers to focus on high-risk vulnerabilities.


  • Our core strength is on manual validation of customer cybersecurity environment by reviewing configuration rather than just running the automated Vulnerability scanner and presenting the report.
  • Our Vulnerability reports are not just volumes of pages of HTML/PDF files but rather provide an analytic report which helps the customer to view vulnerability by risk, location, business, application-wise etc.,
  • Our Report contains a fix for each vulnerability which is easy to understand and most relevant for your environment
  • Using our analytic report, customers can compare as many as previous run state vs current state of vulnerability

Our Customers

  • Valued and trusted by more than 200+ customers for whom we have assessed over 500K + devices for Vulnerability Assessment engagement.
  • World’s leading ship (Technical, Commercial and Crew) management company has chosen IARM to do Vulnerability Assessment Service for their Ships and their global offices located in 4 countries

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