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USA : +1 551 242 2980   |   India : 1800 102 1532 (Toll Free)

Compromise Assessment

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Compromise assessments are very different from traditional risk audits, which include cyber risk assessments, red teaming, and malware hunting, etc.

A Compromise Assessment focuses on identifying gaps in the existing environment and then determining whether they’ve already been exploited or are currently being exploited by malicious third party actors.

Our Approach:

Many organizations end up performing Dark web scans and limit their checks to End point systems. Compromise Assessment should not be limited with one area rather should cover the entire gamut of organizations’ security landscape.

IARM’s unique approach to compromise assessment is as follows: 

  1. Set Security Baseline
    • Find Out Vulnerabilities and Risks – Internal/External/Dark & Deep Web
    • Analyze various logs & Inbound/Outbound traffic
  2. Identify & Classify Risks
    • Narrow Down with Exploitable vulnerabilities
  3. Explore Exploits
    • Isolate Machine, Review exploits for Past/Live compromises
  4. Report & Dashboard
    • Compromised details with evidence
    • Executive, Technical report & Extensive Analytics Dashboard


  • IARM has the expertise and experience in performing compromise assessments. Our dedicated team, combined with in-depth technical knowledge, passion for cyber security, and commitment to customer service, helps us provide the highest level of protection for our customer environments.
  • IARM experts have developed scripts for various log sources to analyze malicious activities from large volumes of logs.
  • Report actual compromised details with evidence rather than voluminous vulnerabilities.

Our Customers

  • Headquartered in the United States, with offices in 8 other countries, our customer is known worldwide for BIOS. IARM has chosen to perform an Organization-wide Compromise Assessment. A large volume of compromised data was found and removed from the source.
  • India’s leading NBFC has chosen IARM to perform Compromised assessments on a periodic basis.
  • IARM has performed five other customers’ environments for compromise assessment.


IARM can provide a Cybersecurity Compromise Assessment to help you understand the risks.  Our experts will assess your network and point out the holes in your cybersecurity.

We’ll help you plug the gaps so that you can avoid a costly data breach or data loss. Find out if your organization has been compromised and take the proper steps to secure your data.

Maximize Your Cybersecurity – Schedule a Compromise Assessment Service to identify and remediate potential threats in your network.