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Network Penetration Testing

Even though highly ethical in the process of the Network Penetration Testing, the core team transforms to identify the possible threats as any cybercriminals would try with their persistent approach.

IARM Network Penetration Testing Service is one of the best in the industry. IARM professionals are experts in the latest attacks methods and techniques used to exploit information systems. IARM shall implement defensive strategies to protect your critical systems and information.

IARM performs Internal, External Network Penetration testing and all Network technologies and solutions including Wireless Penetration Testing, Firewall, NAC, VLAN and Network segmentation


  • For Security test, IARM believes that manual test is the best way to do. 80% of test case are done by manual testing, remaining 20% automated  scanners are engaged in the assessment 
  • Submit “Proof of Concept” and solutions for each vulnerability
  • Cost-free one-time retest
  • Report actual findings rather than voluminous false positives
  • IARM doesn’t limit the assessment with port scanner rather we insist and perform manual test and configuration review to ensure that the client network devices are safe and secure

Our Customers

  • Leading Class A Internet Service Provider. No.1 in India to provide Wi-Fi and Wired internet access to all major Luxury hotels and Airports. Providing IPTV services to various hotels in Dubai and US. IARM did Network Penetration testing service for Entire ISP environment and major Luxury hotels across India
  • Experience in Network Penetration Testing service for more than 50+ customers and over 200k+ Network devices

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