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Fortifying Financial Futures

A Case Study in Managed Security Services for a Leading NBFC in India

A non-banking finance company in India provides access to debt for under-banked individuals and businesses. With a pan-India debt portfolio that’s diversified across 29 states and 540 districts, the customer has operations spanning the entire country.



IARM was entrusted with providing end-to-end managed security services, which included:

    • Preparation and management of compliance across the organization for RBI audit
    • Vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, cloud architecture review, and ISMS readiness
    • Managing a Security Operation Centre (C-SOC) from level 1 to level 3, 24x7x365
    • Threat monitoring and solutioning
    • Integration of SIEM tools with other technologies.

Our team successfully provided managed security services, including:

    • Owning end-to-end security solutions
    • Completing VA/PT and cloud architecture review with multiple cloud service providers (SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS)
    • Implementing an open-source solution for SIEM and monitoring operations remotely
    • Securing the customer’s environment from external threats all over the world
    • Preventing major attacks
    • Meeting 100% SLA’s.

The managed security services provided by IARM have helped the non-banking finance company in India to secure its environment from external threats and prevent major attacks. Our team’s expertise and commitment to meeting SLAs have ensured the customer’s peace of mind for the past 6 years.

Key highlights

  1. Client Overview: A prominent non-banking finance company in India, facilitating debt access for under-banked individuals and businesses across 29 states and 540 districts.
  2. Scope of Engagement: IARM entrusted with end-to-end managed security services, including compliance management, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and Security Operation Centre (C-SOC) management.
  3. Comprehensive Solutions: IARM’s services encompassed diverse security measures such as threat monitoring, solutioning, and integration of SIEM tools with other technologies.
  4. Successful Execution: Achievements include completion of VA/PT and cloud architecture review, implementation of open-source SIEM solution, and maintaining 100% SLA adherence.
  5. Impact: IARM’s expertise ensured the NBFC’s environment remained secure from global threats, preventing major attacks over a 6-year period.