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Database Security and Auditing for Robust Data Protection

Databases play a critical role in any organization, holding most critical sensitive information such as financial records, customer information, trade secrets, and more. Database Security Audit is a critical component of an organization’s overall security strategy

Unlike other security audits such as application penetration testing or network security audits, which have a broader focus, a Database Security Audit is specifically focused on the security of an organization’s databases. By performing regular Database Security Audits, organizations can detect and remediate advanced threats and data exfiltration which may go unnoticed by other security audits. 

At IARM, our team of experts leverages a combination of manual and automated techniques to conduct a thorough Database Security Audit, ensuring that our customers’ databases are secure and comply with industry standards and regulations.

 IARM High level Database Security Audit process listed below: 

  • Assessment of the current database infrastructure and security measures by validating security configuration and hardening standards
  • Analysis of potential vulnerabilities and risks in the database environment by using Database Penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Recommend relevant security controls and best practices to mitigate potential risks
  • Verification and validation of the implemented security measures
  • Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) using standard tools


  • IARM Database Security Service team are equally capable in identifying Vulnerabilities in Database as well as to remediate — whether through System/Database configuration changes, patches or workarounds
  • Effective identification of known security issues and deviations from industry best practices, with specific remediation advice. Report actual findings rather than voluminous false positives
  • Reducing the risk of security incidents through consistent, Manual/Automated verification of compliance and security settings across multiple heterogeneous database environments
  • All activities during testing are audited, stored and report back to the customer. IARM Database Security Service shall perform pen tests precisely and safely on the customer database environment

Our Customers

  • The Non-Intrusive assessment carried out on a production database during business hours for Leading NBFC facilitating interactions between capital market investors and emerging sectors in India
  • One of the leading Thermal Power Plant company based out of India. One of the known business group in India 

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