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Cybersecurity Outsourcing Challenges: What to Watch Out for?

In an increasingly digital world, cybersecurity becomes a priority for every organization. With the need for skilled professionals growing and high attrition in the cyber security skills, many companies are considering outsourcing their cyber security services. According to Fortinet sponsored survey, 60% of organization struggle to recruit cyber security talent, 52% struggle to retain qualified people, 67% agree that the shortage of qualified cyber security candidates creates additional risks for their organization

Cybersecurity Outsourcing

When it comes to security, outsourcing is a really good idea. Not every company has the time, skill or the money to protect them from cyber risks, so it’s often better to outsource. Here are some tips on different ways companies can approach outsourced Cyber Security functions:

What to Outsource?

Some companies have excellent security systems and tools, but lack of personnel to analyze or take action. Others have a shortage of both (skilled employees and tools), but don’t know how to outsource. Other organizations do, though, and over-cook to completely outsource. 

If you’re a large enterprise, retain the cybersecurity strategy, including a governance function, within the organization as no one knows your organization’s business plan and corresponding vulnerabilities and threats better than you. To begin with, you should outsource Level 1 SOC monitoring, which will provide you with a relatively relaxed environment and reduce the risk of team fatigue. Next, you should outsource vulnerability scanning, network penetration testing, compliance readiness, and cybersecurity training. These steps would be a great way to get a handle on what needs to be done. In simple terms, retain your Cyber Security Management Portfolio and outsource the operations.

Small to medium enterprises should consider Managed Security Services that provide you with focused cybersecurity solutions at a cost which you can afford. Managed security services include managed penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, compliance readiness, and cybersecurity training.

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The prime focus of SMB is to build and establish the Cyber Security framework on which the organisations project and operations shall depend on. With limited resources, it is always recommended to first establish the blueprint of cyber security for your organisation and outsource the operations with clear objectives and metrics. Engaging a vCISO service would be an ideal recommendation which shall enhance your Cyber security Posture as well as stay abreast with security compliance and establish relevant and current control for on-going threats.

Many people are unsure about whether or not to outsource their cybersecurity operations to an offshore location. Offshoring security operations is a sensible move. It may be worth considering adding cyber security to your offshore operations – in which case, make sure the service provider you work with has 24/7 support and an exclusive cyber security organization. Also create a security roadmap with a clearly-defined goal and target, then check in periodically to make sure that progress is being made. This will help your company stay organized and protected.

How To Choose The Right Vendor?

The company you choose to hire for your security needs is a key decision. There are many small and large companies that offer cyber security outsourcing services, but not all of them are alike. Some have been around longer and some have better customer ratings. Some specialize in different areas like SOC monitoring, compliance, and managed security services. Finding one that has End-End Cybersecurity Services will provide you with better protection. A typical outsourcing company, where security is just one aspect of it, may not be ideal. 

Do not make the mistake of choosing a Cybersecurity Service provider based on their tags and brand image. Most big companies have failed miserably on their own Security compliance.

Choose the Service provider based on their capabilities and the commitment to deliver. It is not always the cost that should be used as the yardstick for selection, evaluate their technical capabilities and their deliverables including the approach to tackle a problem or an issue.

Do not outsource the cyber security management and operations services to any cyber security product companies, as they may be more interested in positioning their products and probably have limited knowledge on other domain areas of Cyber Security. Look for full-fledged and exclusive Cyber Security Organisation who have no strings attached or seeking an entry to push their products.

Finding the right partner for your cybersecurity needs can be daunting and time-consuming. We at IARM make it simple by matching you with experts based on your specific needs and budget.

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