Cyber Security for Startups

Top 10 steps to secure your organisation from cyber threats

Most startups remain in the same status when it comes to cyber security hygiene mode. They make an easy target for the hacker community and with ease. Statistically it has been proved that most startups remain in startup mode for extended periods of time and eventually lose their intellectual property to their competitor or indirectly fuel information to the dark web community. 

Cyber attackers are targeting startups more than ever. Here’s how to protect your business with these 10 steps.


Cyber security hygiene and posture can no longer remain dormant in startup organisations. 

Where and how to start the focus on Cyber Security Controls then?

  1. Prioritise what you need to protect! Understand and perform the Cyber Impact on your business and prioritise them based on the criticality of the service. In order to do so, perform an absolute Cyber Risk Assessment on your business. Prioritise on the risk that has been identified which may bring down the reputation of the organisation or that may make the business to close down due to non-compliance with the regulatory authority.
  2. The Cyber Risk Assessment would help you to guide the work on your technical vulnerability Assessment. Don’t limit technical vulnerability assessment to IT Assets! Include your Application, Database, Network and your Mobile applications as well.
  3. Compliance is key, do not dilute. Implement Cyber Security Controls to sustain and enhance the operations not just for having a certificate decorating the wall. Identify the Compliance requirements that form the baseline of your service and solution. Implement and ensure to work on continuous improvement to sustain and enhance your cyber security posture.
  4. Leverage Cloud Service, but protect your Information on the Cloud. Break the myth that all your information on the cloud is safe and that the Cloud Service Provider protects your information. What is in the Cloud is Customer’s responsibility! Assess your cloud environment periodically.
  5. Clients sign up for products or services based on cyber security due diligence process. Clients would want to evaluate the Cyber Security Controls as a strategic approach and not just as an operations procedure. Build Cyber Security by default as your business strategy.
  6. Evaluate your vendors and service provider cyber security controls. Include them in the organisation’s overall risk assessment register. 
  7. Create an impact. Promote awareness amongst your employees, consultants and contractors. Let it be periodic and not just one time effort.
  8. Engage Virtual CISO Services (vCISO) which would help in setting the Cyber Security standard to a professional level in your organisation. 
  9. Allocate Budget exclusive for Cyber Security Services and not part of IT. 
  10. Include Business Continuity Service. Evaluate impact of disruption on business service due to Cyber Security Events and Incidence. Implement Incidence and Crisis response plan.

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Article “Cyber Security for Startups: Top 10 ways to secure your organisation from cyber threats” Contributed by Mr Vaidyanathan Rajan, Senior Consultant of IARM Information Security Pvt.Ltd.

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