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Business Impact Assessment

Business Impact Assessment Service a systematic process to determine and evaluate business impact or amount of disruptions of critical business operations in an event of an incident, disaster  or emergency. Business Impact Assessment Service BIA is seen as the backbone of BCMS.

Key Analyze

  • Provides an awareness of the state of business and helps justify the need for BCP to the Management.
  • Defines a thorough plan to mitigate organization operational risks by identifying and prioritizing critical business functions and processes.
  • Provides a yardstick to evaluate the Business Continuity Plan effectiveness.
  • Helps to improve the overall functionality of the organizations by identifying and understanding the existing, new or changes in processes, their interdependencies and importance.
  • Helps you identify and understand the potential issues in regulatory compliance.
  • Elimination of fines and removal of redundant services and more.

What we can do for you?

  • Our comprehensive Business Impact Assessment Service and Analysis methodology help you identify the crucial and time-sensitive process, activities and resources, Impacts associated and the dependencies of activities in the event of a disaster or disruption.
  • We help you define your disaster recovery strategy, examine your recovery time and point objectives and resources and material needed for business continuance.
  • IARM takes into consideration best practices of both ISO 22301:2019 and  ISO 22317:2015 to perform the business continuity life cycle (BIA) and arrive at an accurate and useful business continuity requirement.

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