Spoof Watch

Spoofing Attack Solution

The Business Email Compromise is an exploit in which the attacker gains access to a corporate email account and spoofs it to defraud the company or its employees, customers or partners for money. Email fraud has been quietly costing organizations around the globe billions of dollars every year.

Security shortfalls of Outlook

  • In Microsoft Outlook you can’t see email addresses in the reading pane, this “feature” of hiding email addresses possesses a great threat and risk of probable phishing attacks 
  • It makes it difficult to identify the difference between the work email address and the occasional missent message from a home email address.
  • It makes it difficult to tell that mail is auto-generated on behalf of a person, rather than coming from the person themselves.
  • When someone forwards a message, very often the forwarded email address won’t show at all, just “Saju S “

Even after the implementation of SPF, DKIM, DMARC probability is that you may still receive Spoofed Emails. To help you and your organization to be one step ahead of this multi-billion-dollar threat here’s IARM simple solution called SPOOF WATCH

Spoof Watch – IARM Solution for Outlook 

Spoof Watch – Spoofing Attack Solution is a customized tool specially for Outlook. It will help to identify the domain of the receiver and display the email id and domain at the reading pane. Auto-generated emails can also be identified and will be able to see the sender’s affiliation on mailing lists.

  1. If we receive the email form the Internal Domain or Source, a small Green Colour Info-banner Pops Up at the bottom as shown in the picture below.

The Green Info-banner will be displayed if the Email is Originated from the Internal Domain and as well as the Email address of the Sender will be shown.

  1. If we receive the email form the External Domain or Source, a Yellow Color Info-banner Pops Up as shown in the picture below.

The Yellow Info-banner indicates a warning that the Email Address is from External Source and Open with Caution Message.

  1. If the Reply and Sender address does not match, a Red Info-Banner Pops up with a Caution Message as “This Email Could be Spoof Attack”

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