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Security Configuration Review

Security Configuration Review exercise shall study the design and corresponding effectiveness and controls in services implemented. Involves 360° review with support extending from Governance, Internal Design Controls and Policy & Standard Operation Procedure Validation.

IARM has an experienced and expert team to review security configuration in Servers, Network Devices and Applications. Security Configuration review includes Hardening standard, Firewall rule review, Vlan Review, Wireless, Database, FTP, Access control, authorization etc.,


  • IARM analyses system configuration rigorously as per the industry best practices, including guidelines from CIS
  • IARM expert team has developed a manual process and customized scripts to collect the configuration information and identify misconfiguration
  • Our Configuration Review reports are widely accepted by System/Network administrators as it satisfies their requirements and easy to understand report which supports simulation view for each misconfiguration along with recommended solutions which are easy to implement 
  • Cost-free one-time retest

Our Customers

  • Leading Class A Internet Service Provider. No.1 in India to provide Wi-Fi and Wired internet access to all major Luxury hotels and Airports. Providing IPTV services to various hotels in Dubai and the US. IARM did Configuration Review service for Entire ISP environment and major Luxury hotels across India
  • Largest branded PU footwear manufacturer in India. IARM does the system configuration for their entire IT environment
  • Experience in Security Configuration Review  for more than 50+ customers

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