Strengthening Security Frameworks

A Case Study in ISO 27001:2013 and SOC II Type II Compliance with IARM Information Security

At IARM Information Security, we recently embarked on a mission to bolster the security infrastructure of a prominent customer engagement organization specializing in outbound B2C enterprise solutions. With our client headquartered in the United States and a development office in India, our goal was clear: to elevate their security posture by implementing ISO 27001:2013 and achieving SOC II Type II compliance.


Our journey wasn’t without hurdles. The departure of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) during a critical phase of implementation presented a significant setback. Compounded by a company de-merger process and an absence of tailored policies, we faced a scarcity of dedicated resources. Ad-hoc internet policies only underscored the urgency for a comprehensive, bespoke security framework aligned with our client’s specific operations.



Faced with these challenges, the IARM Information Security Team swiftly sprang into action. Conducting a meticulous assessment, we identified gaps and devised a strategic roadmap to align our client with ISO 27001:2013 and SOC II Type II requirements.

Our Approach Encompassed:

  • Gap Analysis and Customization: Pinpointing security gaps and tailoring policies to match our client’s operational needs.
  • Interim Leadership and Project Management: Stepping in to provide interim leadership in the absence of a CISO, we adhered to robust project management methodologies to maintain momentum and address obstacles effectively.
  • Resource Optimization and Collaboration: Optimizing resources and fostering collaboration with internal teams ensured seamless alignment and cooperation in meeting compliance objectives.
  • Training and Awareness: Initiating a comprehensive training program, we instilled a culture of security consciousness across the organization.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: Post-implementation, our team established robust mechanisms for ongoing monitoring, audits, and security enhancements.

Despite the formidable challenges, our unwavering dedication bore fruit. IARM Information Security successfully integrated ISO 27001:2013 and SOC II Type II compliance within our client’s organization.

Key outcomes included:

  • Successful Compliance: Achieving and sustaining ISO 27001:2013 and SOC II Type II compliance.
  • Tailored Policies and Procedures: Implementing customized policies and procedures tailored to our client’s unique requirements, departing from generic internet policies.
  • Sustained Vigilance: Establishing a framework for continuous compliance and ongoing enhancements.

In conclusion, the successful implementation of ISO 27001:2013 and SOC II Type II compliance by IARM Information Security underscores the importance of dedication, adaptability, and expertise in fortifying an organization’s security posture. Despite challenges, our collaboration exemplifies how proactive measures and strategic planning can overcome obstacles and drive tangible results in enhancing cybersecurity resilience.

Key highlights

Our experienced consultants/assessors can prepare you for your Accredited Certification Body Assessment. ISO 27001 Services help you understand and implement the ISO 27001:2013 framework by performing necessary gap analysis, recommending technology improvements in the way it is applicable to your organization.

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Our Customers

  • One of the fastest-growing IT staffing firms in the USA with expertise in SMAC, ERP, BI and Infrastructure services, delivering value-driven IT staffing resources – ISMS Implementation from scratch for their Indian facility
  • One of the top Oracle Marketing Cloud partners worldwide and amongst the earliest and most experienced Salesforce partners in South Asia. Having over and above 500 Large Fortune Global Clients – Organization-wide SOC 2 Implementation and Certification