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IARM and Prancer : Innovative Cybersecurity Partnership

IARM Information Security and Prancer  have joined forces to offer cutting-edge services tailored to cloud, application, and API security needs. This partnership between Prancer and IARM benefits from their combined expertise in automated application security posture management, pentesting, cloud security posture management, and infrastructure as code platforms.

Automated Cloud Security Management:

In today’s digital landscape, cloud security is paramount. Prancer and IARM’s collaboration offers a comprehensive cloud security posture management solution, empowering businesses to continuously monitor and maintain the security of their cloud infrastructure effectively. By leveraging automated tools and intelligent analytics, organizations can identify misconfigurations, enforce security best practices, and ensure compliance with industry standards. 

With continuous tracking of vulnerabilities, the platform ensures that the cloud environment remains secure over time, minimizing the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access, and other cloud-related security incidents. This comprehensive approach provides organizations with a proactive and robust security posture for their cloud environments.

Prancer Automated Application Security Posture Management:

Prancer, renowned for its automated application security posture management capabilities, helps organizations proactively identify security gaps and misconfigurations within their applications. By leveraging intelligent automation, Prancer allows businesses to continuously assess their application security posture, reducing the risk of potential breaches. Its comprehensive “Shift Left” suite of features empowers developers and security teams to detect vulnerabilities early on, streamline remediation efforts, and maintain a strong security stance throughout the software development lifecycle.

Infrastructure as Code Platform:

As infrastructure as code (IaC) gains prominence, organizations are shifting toward automating the deployment and management of their infrastructure. Prancer and IARM’s partnership recognizes this trend and offers an innovative IaC platform that incorporates robust security measures. This platform allows organizations to define their infrastructure configurations as code, enabling them to maintain security standards, automate security assessments, and ensure adherence to industry regulations. By integrating security into the infrastructure deployment process, businesses can mitigate risks and strengthen their overall security posture.

Pentesting for Robust Security:

Penetration testing, a critical component of any robust security strategy, helps organizations uncover vulnerabilities by simulating real-world attacks. With Prancer and IARM’s partnership, businesses can benefit from expert-driven penetration testing services that provide actionable insights into potential security weaknesses. By conducting thorough assessments and exploiting vulnerabilities, organizations can address security gaps and enhance their overall defense against cyber threats.  IARM will be providing penetration testing, red team services, purple team services, and compliance audit reviews with the Prancer platform.

Powerful partnership 

The partnership between Prancer and IARM Information Security signifies a powerful alliance in the realm of cloud, application, and API security. By combining Prancer’s expertise in automated application security posture management and IARM’s prowess in pentesting, cloud security posture management, and infrastructure as code platform, the two organizations offer a comprehensive suite of security solutions. Businesses can leverage this partnership to enhance their security posture, identify vulnerabilities, streamline remediation efforts, and ensure robust protection against evolving cyber threats. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, Prancer and IARM remain committed to providing cutting-edge security solutions that empower organizations to stay one step ahead of potential risks in the digital era.



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