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Incident Response and Breach Management

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Every cyberattack/cyber incident is different and so is every organization. Every cyber incident has unique circumstances that must be evaluated, processed and addressed to quickly move to a state of resolution

Organizations should consider 24x7x365 access to highly skilled security professionals to quickly identify the extent of the compromise/breach.  Moreover, reacting in a timely manner to fast paced events is so crucial. 

Initial minor breaches can escalate to a major enterprise-wide compromise and data exfiltration. Our experienced team brings deep experience in handling cyber attacks. 

IARM Incident Response Service team perform rapid detection, containment and help in restoring normal business as quickly as possible

Our Workflow & Process

  • IARM works closely with nominated customer contact to determine the severity of a breach or even if they were still under attack.
  • Every organization has a broad range of entry points, including third parties and internal staff. IARM team setup war room and effective communication plan and then perform intrusion hunting/ Compromise assessment, find out the entry and exit strategy of the attacker. Plug the hole to reduce the likelihood of follow up attacks.
  • If required, leverage external cyber threat intelligence to find most recent likely threats to the organization
  • Provide remediation services, root cause analysis and Forensic evidence of the incident


  • Response time is critical for any cyber attack. We have simplified customer onboarding process; IARM team shall start the incident investigation within 30 mins time
  • IARM Incident Response Service team has the ability to react to multiple, often combined cyber-attacks, such as Ransomware, Distributed Denial of Service, cyber extortion, data/IP theft, malicious insiders, etc.
  • One-stop solution for Redesign Security, implement solutions and Manage day to day operation.
  • Experienced in handling many cyber Incidents like Ransomware attacks, Mail Spoofs, Data theft, Data exfiltration, Internal threat, DDoS etc., for Small, Medium and Enterprise customers

Act fast in case of a breach. Get the support you need with our expert Breach Management team. Protect your business and minimize damage.

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