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E-Mail Security Review

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Mail servers and user workstations running mail clients are frequently targeted by attackers. Whether it is Business email compromise, Ransomware attacks or Targeted Phishing attacks, such attacks are on the rise and also in their sophistication. It is imperative that every organization whether their mail servers on cloud or on-premise should have robust security reviews and controls to protect from external threats

Every email incident has unique circumstances that must be evaluated, processed and addressed to quickly move to a state of resolution. IARM security expert team is available 24X7, you can reach out to us for any email incidents/recovery


  • IARM follows International benchmark designed specifically for O365 and Gmail as a standard
  • IARM Email security service team has investigation and hunting experience to search corpus for specific indicators of compromise or other entities and provide a solution to remove it easily
  • Review Safeguards against specific attack vectors that often exploit email such as Phishing, DoS
  • Experience in handling more than 50+ email security incidents and audits

Our Customers

IARM has handled various types of Email Security Compromise incidents for several of our customers and help them to prevent, recover and built robust email systems. Listed below are some of the Business E-mail Compromises that IARM has helped in provided the proactive control to the extent possible to control such disruption to Business.

  • Malware distributed throughout the organization via email
  • Targeted Zero-day attack in an attempt to compromise users workstations
  • Spam emails sent to users to perform actions that further an attack
  • Gained access to files or folders that were not meant to be publicly accessible
  • Denial of service (DoS) attacks directed to the On-Premise mail server, denying or hindering valid users from using the mail server 
  • Sensitive information on the mail server was read by unauthorized individuals and changed the content
  • Attackers intercepted sensitive information transmitted unencrypted between the mail server and client
  • Mails altered at some point between the sender and recipient
  • Malicious entities gained unauthorized access to resources in the organization’s network via a successful attack on the mail server 
  • Misconfiguration allowed an attacker to use the organization’s mail server and send phishing emails to other organizations 
  • Internal user sent confidential and proprietary information to the external organization

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