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Deep and Dark Web Monitoring Service

The Deep Web refers to a layer of the internet which is unindexed by search engine crawlers. Deep Web monitoring services regularly check the Dark Web for references to your name or company, helping you get out in front of any data breaches. Average of any cyber-attack may take 190 days to identify and additional 51 days to contain. Early identification of data breach can help an organization to minimize the damage

IARM has proactively developed an offering which tracks Deep Web on a daily and monthly basis. This helps the organization to take effective security control measures  to prevent any possible identity theft and data breaches

Business Benefits

  • Prevents business credentials being exploited by criminals
  • Enables actionable intelligence for business protection
  • Decreases the risk of reputational & financial damage
  • Know when company credentials have been compromised


  • Our core strength is on a combination of the manual and automated scanner to track Deep & Dark Web 
  • IARM has the ability to integrate Deep Web APIs into SIEM tools and monitor
  • Customers can choose a wide range of options like Daily, Weekly, Monthly tracking and reporting
    • Customers don’t need to invest in products/tools. Here the IARM shall do Deep Web scan as a service

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