Internet Service Provider

By not revealing the identities of our customers, IARM set the best precedent for security companies.
Leading Internet Service Provider. No.1 in India to provide Wi-Fi and Wired internet access to all major Luxury hotels and Airports. Providing IPTV services to various hotels in Dubai and US
high-alert threats
medium-alert threats
Low-alert threats
Requirements and Scope
  • Security audit for selected Luxury hotels across India to validate Security standards for Guest network
  • Network security architecture review
  • ISP network review and submit compliance report to regulatory body
  • Internal tools and process assessment
What We've Done
  • Critical vulnerabilities in ISP network has been addressed
  • Hotel Guest network security strengthened
  • Privileged Access Management solution recommended. POC in progress
  • Existing NOC setup transformed to SNOC
  • The customer was able to submit the compliance report to Telecom regulatory on time
Feedback from Client

I am highly impressed with the way they executed our projects with the right expertise, dedicated attention and timely completion.

Sujit Singh
From the leading ISP
Threats resolved in



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