USA : +15512422980   |   India : 18001021532(Toll-Free)

USA : +15512422980   |   India : 18001021532(Toll-Free)


AlienVault Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Partner


Better threat detection starts with unified security management.


IARM is the MSSP for AlienVault, and we tailor our service offerings for our customers’ needs with flexible, scalable deployment options, across cloud and on-premises infrastructures. IARM uses AlienVault to help our customers to stay and accelerate their Compliance Management.

IARM is involved in customizing the Open-source model of AlienVault “OSSIM” as per the requirements of the customers. From Asset Discovery all the way up to breach response and management, IARM synergies the available Open Source framework to implement the cybersecurity solution for its customers.