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Every day, IARM is helping our clients maintain their cyber security posture and keep their business safe. We are partnering with them to design, implement and operate.

We protect your digital assets from unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, and destruction. We offer a range of cyber security packages to suit every business from startups to enterprises.

The Industry’s most innovative Cybersecurity Company

The world’s leading cyber security company adopts innovative analysis and assessment functions with strong construction capabilities so as to provide top-notch services with integrity and reliability.

We Focus on client requirements and solve problems accordingly with “effective” as our starting point.

Adhering to the principle of “commitment”, we bring you customized solutions that meet your needs.

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    Our Services


    IARM offer systematic evaluations of the security of a company’s information system and regular reviews to ensure that the controls are working. 

    Keeping your data safe – IARM provides a set of best practices to help you create and maintain an effective information security plan. Our experts will assess, monitor, and evaluate your current policies against the latest cyber risks.

    We look after your data – We identify weaknesses in your company’s information system, provide recommendations to fix them, monitor the control’s efficacy, and regularly review them to ensure they are working as they should be.

    A team with years of experience – We have extensive security expertise with over 20 years’ experience in managing information systems for companies all over the world. Our consultants will audit your current protection measures and make sure you are compliant with government regulations.


    IARM provide In-depth assessment of your network or software. We are a leading VAPT company which helps businesses to know their weaknesses and provide a systematic technical approach to find the security loopholes in a network or software system. Our VAPT process includes the use of custom tools and techniques to produce a report showing all vulnerabilities. 

    Assessment with no false positives – Our VAPT process includes the use of custom tools and techniques to produce a report showing all vulnerabilities. With our in-depth testing, we can give you quick actionable insights on how you can get started with securing your business.

    Customized Technique for Pen Testing – The process is unique because it involves expert penetration testers that assess the vulnerability and provide a report which confirms whether the vulnerability really exists and if exploiting it can result in damage to the application or network. The tool is customized to your needs, making this an ideal choice for companies that have time-sensitive issues they need addressed as soon as possible.


    Design & Implementation

    IARM, a leading provider of secure architecture. IARM, a security design and development company with a large global client base. Our team of experienced architects and developers have the full spectrum of expertise and industry knowledge required to provide the security architecture for any organization.

    Secure your data – IARM design process is based on top-level system thinking and comprehensive risk assessments that ensure that all possible risks are considered, planned for, and mitigated. This means you can focus on your business strategies without worrying about the security of your data.

    Security from start to finish – With IARM, you can be confident that your data will be protected at every step of the process – from design through implementation, monitoring and detection. 


    IARM provides Security-as-a-service based on the software that monitors computer systems and networks in order to provide situational awareness of the events occurring on them. 

    The need for a security team- If you want to monitor your computer systems and networks to detect cyberattacks and other events, we are here to help. We monitor your systems and networks in real time, so you don’t need a security team.

    Necessary for today’s digital world- Don’t get left behind. With the increase in cyberattacks, you need a security team to protect you from high-risk situations that can lead to financial loss and even legal problems. Our SOC Team is here for you 24×7,365.

    Our cyber security solutions are a perfect fit for small businesses, SMEs, and enterprises. Our Security-as-a-service will always be up to date with the latest technologies so that your company is always secure.

    Our Solutions

    Industrial Cyber Security

    Experienced Professional in ICS & Cybersecurity who understand the nuances of designing a secure infrastructure for your business with Industry Standard Compliance

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    Vyuh - CISO dashboard

    Vyuh CISO dashboard is a personalised solution for CISOs who require a single console to manage the IT security & customize as per customer requirements

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    Spoof Watch

    Spoof Watch is a specialized tool that can be used to evaluate the receiver’s domain and show the email address and domain in the reading pane.

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