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IARM focussed on delivering world-class Information Security solutions to organizations. With our four-pronged approach, namely, Assess, Design, Implement and Operate (A.D.I.O), we craft a personalised, and highly robust solution to keep your data safe.

We deliver services to startups, SME’S, and to some of the biggest businesses in the industry. 

There are so many anxieties that plague businesses: Processes constantly are revamped to accommodate new developments; Databases, like businesses, are forever expanding.

With all these typical burgeoning changes, have your business’s security procedures kept up? At IARM, a Cyber Security Company in Bangalore make your information safety our business.

We assist with every step of the IT Information & Cybersecurity support.

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    Our Services


    IARM provides the systematic evaluation of the security of a company’s information system, security policies, regular review and monitoring of the controls, to ensure the organisation’s information is protected. Cyber Security Company in Bangalore deliver an independent assessment of the organisation’s security compliance audits in accordance with an appropriate methodology with objectives, policies, standards and processes, and identify systemic trends and weaknesses in security, investigations and information risk management. 


    With Unique Knowledge-based Custom Tool, we provide a systematic technical approach to find the security loopholes in a network or software system. The outcome of a VA process is a report showing all vulnerabilities, which are categorized based on their severity. This report is further used for the next step, which is penetration testing (PT). We have a unique offering for PT, using a Customized Tool for manual Penetration Testing by our experts. This process confirms whether the vulnerability really exists, and further proves that exploiting it can result in damage to the application or network.

    Design & Implementation

    We design a secure architecture for an organization which is an integral component of a solid security strategy. IARM, Cyber Security Company in Bangalore lead the design and development of security architecture, being experts with high-level knowledge, we ensure the secure design, monitoring, detection strategy and add layers of security, help protect company data and communications. Implementation


    With our resources involved We provide Security-as-a-service based on the software and provide SAAS for log management, threat detection, SIEM Service, or compliance for the organization and our virtual CISO’S shall be made available to the organization on-demand basis, who shall ensure cybersecurity and compliance for the organization. To maintain situational awareness of events on the computer systems and networks that it monitors, events occurring on computer systems are monitored by software and transmitted to the IARM SOC Team.

    Post Incidence

    Managing an incident is always stressful, but with the help of a professional team, the organization can focus on recovering the business. The tasks performed by our responding consultants usually include the collection of necessary evidence, subject to forensics to aid the determination of the circumstances and the timeline of the incident, while also providing next-step guidance and assistance with the management of the situation. Our Response Team is intended to reduce the risk of unauthorized data access and mitigate the damage caused if a breach does occur. 

    Solution Highlights

    Vyuh - CISO dashboard

    Vyuh CISO dashboard is a personalised solution for CISOs who require a single console to manage the IT security & customize as per customer requirements

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    Spoof Watch

    Spoof Watch is a specialized tool that can be used to evaluate the receiver’s domain and show the email address and domain in the reading pane.

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    AI/ML Security Custom Solution

    Prevents security attacks, Forensic evidence, User behaviour analysis, Detect malicious activity, VPN access tracking etc.,

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