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A BCMS is a comprehensive approach to organisational resilience and helps organisations cope with incidents that affect their business-critical processes and activities.

It provides a structure for organisations to update, control and deploy effective plans, taking into account organisational contingencies and capabilities, as well as business needs.


  • BCMS Development as per ISO 22301:2019
  • One-stop service for an end to end BCMS service (Assessment, Design, Implement to Operate (Drill))
  • Our lead auditors are 20+ year’s experience in BCMS and certified in ISO 22301:2019
  • Not Just Mere Copy and Paste BCMS process, we create policies which are relevant for the business
    Business Impact Analysis, Threat, Risk Assessment and define business recovery strategies that are relevant to customer business

Our Customers

  • Leading Non-Banking finance company that provides access to debt for under-banked individuals and business in India. Pan India debt portfolio diversified across29 states and 540 districts in the country
  • Software development company specialized in Financial product development having offices in US and India

Our Approach

  • Clear Understanding of the Business & Scope of Operations (Including Multiple Geographic Locations)
  • Identify where is the organization ‘positioned’ in the “Business Chain?”
  • Assign – Roles and Responsibilities of BC Team
  • Perform Business Impact Analysis (BIA) on key business processes (to arrive at Recovery Time frames)
  • Risk Analysis (RA)
  • Decide on Recovery Strategy (based on BIA and RA)
  • Arrive at resources needed to execute BCP (manpower, IT infra, Physical infra, Vendor support, monetary support etc) – micro-level inputs
  • BCP (Business Continuity Plan) Document captures the sequence of actions that counteracts the risk
  • Communication Plan to all Stakeholders
  • Training and awareness 
  • BCP Exercise and Testing
  • Continuous Improvement



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