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AI development

The Role of a Chief Ethical Officer in AI Development & Governance

Is the Chief Ethical Officer role necessary, or is it just hype created by the AI buzzword? To even debate whether the role of Chief Ethical Officer is required, we need to understand the types of services the organization is involved in.
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ISO 27001

ISO 27001: 2022: Implementation and Migration Challenges

ISO 27001 serves as the bedrock for safeguarding sensitive data in a hyper-connected world. As we transition from old standards to the revamped ISO 27001: 2022
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100 Security Tips from Expert Penetration Testers for Software Developers

100 Tips from Expert Penetration Testers for Software Developers

Protecting the applications from malicious threats has become the highest priority for developers and organizations, as software vulnerabilities and cyber threats are prevalent in today’s digital world.
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Why SOC2 compliance is essential for your business

Why SOC2 compliance is essential for your business

With the continuous advancement of technology, the importance of data protection and privacy becomes increasingly critical.
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Cloud Security Trends

Cloud Security for 2023: What to Watch for?

The rise of cloud security trends and technology has revolutionized the way organizations store and manage data, but it has also opened up new avenues for cyber criminals to launch attacks.
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cybersecurity predictions 2023

Top 5 Cybersecurity predictions for 2023

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and reliant on technology, cybersecurity threats continue to pose a major risk to individuals, businesses, and governments.
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Why vCISO is Apt for Midsize IT Companies

A Virtual CISO (vCISO) is a valuable partner for midsize IT companies, who are looking for the help to secure their IT assets and cyber security.
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Cybersecurity Outsourcing

Cybersecurity Outsourcing Challenges: What to Watch Out for?

In an increasingly digital world, cybersecurity becomes a priority for every organization. With the need for skilled professionals growing and high attrition in the cyber security skills
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Compromise Assessment – What It Is?? Does Your Organization Need It?

Compromise Assessment is one of the most important risk mitigation techniques in the security world. This article offers a comprehensive overview of what compromise assessment is and why every organization needs it.
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CPRA Compliance

The Top Approaches to Prepare for CPRA Compliance in 6 Steps

The Baseline Information Security Standard that most organizations adopt is ISO 27001:2013 which may be a prerequisite for most of the organization.
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